Trying a fresh start with a new blog.

I am a software developer. I have spent the past 10 years developing in C# and suffering horribly under the yoke of both the windows operating system, and the visual studio development environment.  While I have tried at every turn to avoid the bloat, highly recommended bad practices and shitty features that are offered up as a shining path by the evangelists I feel that I can no longer endure this existence.

No, I’m not going to snuff it.  now. I’m switching my attention to the world outside the walled shit hole.  I imagine that North Korea is a great analogy for the Microsoft development platform.  You are told that what you have is the best of all possible worlds.  Surrounded by voices echoing the party line.  Told how lucky you are to live in such filth. All the while enjoying a standard of living not unlike that enjoyed by byzantine peasants. Once you break free you see that your neighbors enjoy running water, running software, indoor toilets.

I have enjoyed working in javascript for sometime, and serving it up via .net apis deployed to windows server environments.  Now that I am a defector I am enjoying it all the more.  Learning ubuntu has been a joy, writing software in nodejs even more enjoyable now that I don’t have to always take into consideration that I’m using windows. Deploying to containers that can be published to various clouds is both exhilarating and inspiring.  And while Microsoft is working hard to create watered down crappy implementations of all the things that make not working with windows great, I have seen their handy work in the past and prefer to take whatever alternative there may be.

I have worked for years building up tools, skills, and patterns for working in .net.  I am sad to leave the little niche of sanity that I’ve been able to carve out of that huge block of mediocrity. But the future is bright and I am loving building up new patterns, skills and tools.

I will be writing here, about lessons learned, gotchas, and cool tools that I discover along the way.


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